I have created this page for people to share there testimonials about Christ. It really
has nothing to do with hiking. But I wanted to do what I can to use my site for God.
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The first testimony below is my own.
I became a Christian more than 20 years ago now. Back in high school. But sadly I was
almost immediately pulled away from Gods path. Decades past and people came and
went from my life. Only a few ever knew I was a Christian. And even with them I never
did anything to help them find the Lord. Over the last few years I have felt God trying to
pull me back in. I was slowly coming around. This quickened slightly about 3 years ago
when I met my wife.

About a month ago my wife read a book (Lord Foulgrin's Letters by Randy Alcorn). This
helped her in her walk with God. She asked me to read it. I said I would but I meant
when and if I get around to it. Then she said this book helped her realize that as a
family we needed to get closer to God. My first reaction was to resist, but then this hit
me hard as it immediately made no sense to me. How could a Christian ever have a
problem with someone suggesting they get closer to God. Everyone has room for
improvement, right? This is when I figured I’d better read the book. Its affect on me was
almost instant. That night I prayed that any demons be kept at bay while I read the book
and God answered my prayer. That night I had a dream that seemed like God was
telling me about things I needed to change in my life to be closer to Him. The next night
I made the decision that I would follow him with my full heart. That night, in another
dream, it happened. I felt the overwhelming joy I had only ever experienced before
when I first accepted Christ. Since then I have been doing everything I can to obey the
Lord. And I am happier than I have ever been.

Praise God for His mercy.

Darin  2/11/2010
If you are ready for
salvation,  then say
and truly believe the
prayer below.

"Father, I know that I
have broken your laws
and my sins have
separated me from
you. I am truly sorry,
and now I want to turn
away from my past
sinful life toward you.
Please forgive me, and
help me avoid sinning
again. I believe that
your son, Jesus Christ
died for my sins, was
resurrected from the
dead, is alive, and
hears my prayer. I
invite Jesus to become
the Lord of my life, to
rule and reign in my
heart from this day
forward. Please send
your Holy Spirit to help
me obey You, and to
do Your will for the rest
of my life. In Jesus'
name I pray, Amen."
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