Ramona Falls
Ramona Falls
Length: 7
Difficulty: Moderate
Pass: NW Forest Pass
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Ramona Falls is one of the most popular hikes in the Mt Hood
National Forest. The loop hike is a great option in that it offers
more variety. After you leave the parking lot at the trail head,
the trail wanders along the Sandy River for nearly a mile
before crossing the river.

After crossing the river you will come to an intersection where
the loop trail returns. I chose to continue straight ahead
instead of turning left. Continue until you get to the Pacific
Crest Trail #2000. Bear Left, the falls are about half a mile

You will want to hang out her a little while. After doing so cross
the wooden bridge and start back. You will come to an
intersection with Yocum Ridge, bear left. When you get to the
intersection of trail # 784 go left again. You will then just
continue back to the trail head.
Getting There: From
Portland, take Highway 26
toward Mt. Hood for 42
miles. At the village of
Zigzag, turn left onto East
Lolo Pass Road. After 4.2
miles turn right onto paved
Road 1825, and in 0.7
mile turn right across the
Sandy River bridge.
Continue 1.8 miles on
what is still Road 1825,
and then fork left onto
Road 100 for half a mile to
a large parking area at
road's end