Tunnel Falls
Eagle Creek
Notice the trail in the picture. This trail was blasted
out of the rock wall. It is very narrow with a long
drop if you fall. I do not recommend you bring small
children or dogs on this hike.

This hike is challenging due to the length of the
hike. But it is not steep.
A NW Forest Pass is required to park at the trial
The trail follows Eagle Creek and passes Metlako
Falls, Punchbowl Falls, and  Loowit Falls before
reaching Tunnel Falls. I suggest starting early in
the morning and taking your time on this hike. You
will enjoy it.
Length: 15
Difficulty: Challenging
Pass: NW Forest Pass
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Getting There: From Portland,
take Interstate 84 to Eagle Creek
exit 41, turn right and keep right
along the creek for a mile to the
road's end. Because the Eagle
Creek exit is only accessible from
the west, travelers from Hood
River have to take Bonneville Dam
exit 40 and double back on the
freeway for a mile. The trail is so
popular the parking lot fills by 10
am on sunny weekends, leaving
latecomers to park half a mile
History: Built in the 1910s to accompany the
opening of the Columbia River Highway, the Eagle
Creek Trail was blasted out the cliffs with dynamite
by Italian engineers. The area above the
800-foot-elevation mark was officially designated
Wilderness in 1984.

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